:: More About Me ::

I am just a girl with a lovely life coexisitng in a very beautiful coastal town in Southern California. I have a hubby whom I have dated since high school {19 years, married 10} and we have 4 {oh so cute} kids. Our oldest girl is 15, we have 8 year old boy/girl twins and our baby boy is 18 months old. We are very busy to say the least!

I just love these cute, little, upcycled, Scrabble pendants! Originally I started making them when I needed something to compliment my hand stamped necklaces that I also make. I love doing boutiques and quickly found that it was hard to do since the designs I make are made to order. I use raw, recycled, silver and do not want to mass produce those, as it would get quite expensive! So I found these on Etsy, learned how to make them and here we are... everyone loves them!

I love the fact that I am upcycling scrabble tiles! I use everything from games that are a few years old to some from the 70's. I use original artwork from fellow Etsians and I am learning how to make my own original designs. It rocks!