Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Check Out MY Baby Girl!!

Noser and I were playing around with the camera on Sunday. She wanted to model {aspiring!} my necklaces. She has been shouting out to everyone in her path {I mean EVERYONE!} about how her mom makes the cutest Scrabble necklaces.. totally the best marketing I could ever ask for and it is FREE!!  I sure do love that kid! Anyway.. Here is a little collage I made of our photo shoot. My little model {did I mention, aspiring?} MAKENNA ROSE ..

Now taking bookings {seriously!} lol


  1. Cute!!
    I can't believe you got 100 designs posted! Wowza!! Great job!

  2. Thanks, girly! I know.. totally a lot of work. Not only did I get them on here, but then I listed 70 {sofar} onto my Etsy store. Not sure how the blog is going to do getting orders via e-mail so I may have to list them on my website too www.cutiepiecupcake.com - Now I have to start working on my Dazzling Diva site too.. thought about combining them, but they are clearly two different mediums.

  3. very lovely..i am also making pendants that are made of scrabble tiles..i am glad that i have gained some new tips

    scrabble words with 2 letters